2 in 1 Wireless HDMI Extender & Wireless Display Dongle

Item No.: XZ-G6W
No Driver, Network, App Needed, Plug and Play, 50 Meters Long Distance Tansmission Also Stable

Wireless HDMI Extender Mode
Plug and Play One Touch to Cast

In Wireless HDMI Extender mode, just click the button on the transmitter to realize wireless transmission, and support 8 transmitters to connect to 1 receiver at the same time

Dual Video Interface
HDMI+VGA Dual Screen Output

HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm jack can be collocated freely and output at the same time or separately

Many-to-One Mode
One Click Switch

8 transmitters can be connected to 1 receiver at the same time, one click switch, does not interfere with each other, and multiple screens can be shared
*This operation requires additional purchase of transmitters, and the 1 receivers can support up to 8 transmitters.

Wireless Display Dongle Mode
Use the Receiver Alone

Watching mobile video on a large screen makes watching movies more on-the-spot and experience cinema level viewing at home
*Support Miracast, DLNA and AirPlay

5G Transmission Ultra Low Delay
5G transmission protocol, the signal is stronger and more stable, play games, watch video HD smooth ultra low delay

Highly Compatible
HDMI interface is highly compatible and can be convertible to other interfaces
The device with HDMI interface can be used directly, and the device without HDMI interface can be used with HDMI converter