Lightning to HDMI Cable

Item No.: A5-40
The iPhone/iPad is connected to TV, compact and adaptable, upgrade indicator lights, 1080P high definition
NEW! Strong attack
Small size, strong applicability, upgrade indicator, 1080P HD

Innovation and upgrading
Appearance upgrade, smaller size, chip upgrade, efficient heat dissipation and long-term use, more assured

Big Screen "Share Together"
Mobile phone connected to TV, small screen seconds become large screen, watching videos, pictures to share happily

Game "more addictive"
Connect the projector or TV to enjoy a more intuitive visual experience and clearer details so that you can easily dominate the whole scene.

High Definition Feast
Like the "immersive" HD screen experience, eye fatigue 1920*1080P resolution

Plug and Play
Lightning interface mobile phone, simple settings, you can connect
IPad 4 / iPhone 5 and above mobile phones available

Multifunctional Indicator Lamp
Soft light blue light indication, let you know the working status at a glance, is the indicator lamp is also the "upgrade button"

Tri-color optional
Three colors are chosen at will to meet your different needs: Chinese red, deep-sky grey and dazzling black.
Let you use and carry more convenient, with the product with cortical straps, neat and not messy

Knitted body
Upgraded braided nylon wire, flexible protection, durable and foldable, anti-winding, non-knotting, easy to accept

Upgrade without worry
Fearless version upgrade, stand-alone server, support online upgrade connection more stable