USB C to USB Adapter

Item No.: TUA02/03
10Gbps adapter / Free conversion / Fast transmission
A to C / C to A high speed conversion
Two specifications meet the transfer requirements
C to A: USB-C male port to USB-A female port, mainly connected to mobile phones, tablets, or laptops
A to C: USB-A male port to USB-C female port, solving the problem of computer lacking USB-C port

Wide compatibility not limited by interfaces
Plug and play, seamless transmission/charging

Supports 10Gbps data transmission
Large file transfer in seconds according to USB3.2 Gen2 standard, supporting 10Gbps high-speed transfer, rejecting waiting for large files to be transferred in seconds

Tablet to USB drive for easy office work
Export videos/photos anytime to free up phone memory

Tablet keyboard and mouse instantly transform into a computer
Tablets transform into computers, making it easy to edit documents and improve work efficiency

Expanding USB-C ports for computers
Paired with a company to company data cable, the computer can easily connect to mobile phones or tablets, and files can be transmitted at 10Gbps speed

Exquisite, compact, portable, and burden free
Fingertip sized, it doesn't take up space to carry when going out

Efficient heat dissipation with alloy casing
Aluminum alloy material, anodized process, excellent heat dissipation effect