Video Capture Card

Item No.: UHC07
Double Interface Design, USB-C & USB-A

2-in-1 Interface Free Switching
Support computer / mobile phone / tablet acquisition and recording with USB and type-C interfaces, meet different use needs at the same time, and bid farewell to the trouble of switching.

Computer live broadcasting, each performing his own duties more smoothly
One computer game and one computer live recording. You don't have to worry about the CPU occupation of live broadcasting, and there is no delay in operation / live broadcasting.

Host game live broadcasting, playing and recording
Switch / mobile phone / iPad can be used to record while playing and live broadcast online to witness every wonderful victory.

Switch connection, tablet become to portable screen
Game content can be displayed on Android Tablet, which is more convenient to use
*Support the use of Android tablet computers with type-C interface, which is not supported by Apple iPad

Small screen to large screen
Switch / mobile phone / iPad, etc. connect the laptop monitor, watch videos and play games, with clearer details and wider vision.

Alloy material, rapid heat dissipation
Alloy shell + cooling fins can quickly export the internal heat.

Connection diagram
Computers, mobile phones, PS, switches, iPads, set-top boxes, cameras and other devices with output function can be used.